Alex Weinert

Partner Group Program Manager; Microsoft
Alex is the Group Program Manager of the Identity Security and Protection team at Microsoft. The team is responsible for protecting billions users signing in to millions of apps almost 20B times a day against unauthorized access, takeover, and abuse. If you have signed into Xbox, Skype, Outlook, Office 365, Azure, any number of our B2C sites or organizations using Azure AD, we’re the team standing between you and the hackers. In addition to detection, investigation and response, ISP delivers Azure AD Identity Protection, Conditional Access, Multi-Factor-Authentication, and the Microsoft Authenticator app, as well as a host of enterprise and consumer account defense systems. Prior to his current role, Alex previously served in a variety of engineering and product management roles on products such as MSN, Visual Studio, Xbox, and Identity related products like AD and FIM. Outside of work, Alex is passionate about interfacing with various humans, making stuff, sailing and music (come see him play bass and sing for ZZAuth at the Identiverse closing party!).

Alex's Sessions

Wednesday, June 26
5:00 - 5:25 pm
Microsoft Presents: Dancing with Doppelgängers: account compromise methodologies and defenses
Each day, Microsoft Identity processes 18B logins, blocks 300M attacks and identifies more than 100K newly compromised accounts - attacker controlled "evil twins" for the true account holders in the digital world. We'll slice and dice the data and show exactly how accounts are being taken over, how the attackers work with them, and what defensive tactics are most effective.

Wednesday, June 26
5:35 - 6:00 pm
Microsoft Presents: Secure your identities with a Zero Trust strategy
A successful Zero Trust strategy requires seamless and flexible access to applications, systems, and data while maintaining security for both users and the resources they need to do their jobs. Join this session and learn why and how to move from a traditional perimeter focused security model to a Zero Trust model with identity as the control plane. See how identity is crucial to enabling a Zero Trust model for your employees, partners and applications.

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