Alice Wang

Security Field CTO; Snowflake, Inc.
Ms. Wang is a customer-centric IT leader with 20+ years in the industry with extensive knowledge and experience in cloud security and identity. She is currently a Field CTO at Snowflake, Inc., focused on the security aspects of the Snowflake platform and ecosystem, and helping customers and partners utilize the Snowflake service in a secure manner. Previously, she was the Senior Director of the customer adoption and enablement function for Oracle's cloud security and identity portfolio of products. She joined Oracle via its acquisition of a cloud security company where she was the VP of Customer Success, which included responsibilities for the customer lifecycle programs, including onboarding and operationalization, training and awareness, customer support, professional services, customer success (renewals and expansion identification), and trust and security. Prior, she drove information security strategy at PayPal, and at Gartner, she had worked closely with customers’ senior executive leadership across a variety of industries to advise them on addressing areas for improvement for maturing and/or restructuring their information security programs.

Alice's Session:

Thursday, July 02 | 12:00 - 12:50 pm
A Balancing Act: Identity, Privacy, and Security in a Data Sharing Economy

There’s just too much to miss!

— Ian Glazer