Alyssa Kelber

Identity Engineer; Thomson Reuters
Alyssa Kelber is an Identity Engineer at Thomson Reuters; focusing on implementing enterprise SSO & MFA services. She is the first employee to have the opportunity to be internally trained to become an Identity Engineer within the Enterprise Identity & Access Management organization. After spending 5 years focusing on an IT security business and management track, she recognized a need to gain technical experience and credibility to fully develop as an effective leader within technology. She will have survived her first year of training in June 2019!

Alyssa's Session

Friday, June 28
8:45 - 9:10 am
How to Train an Identity Engineer: A First-Hand Account of Becoming an Identity Engineer on the Job
Recruiting Identity and Access Management professionals remains a significant challenge for organizations- so much so that the strategy of training current employees in the discipline has become a popular topic for people leaders. Whereas there is a growing body of published information and strategies on how to approach the skills gap from a manager’s perspective, there is much less out there that shares the ins & outs of the process from the perspective of the employees working through the transition themselves. Uniquely told from a trainee’s perspective, Alyssa Kelber will share a first-hand account of her experience during her first year transitioning from a non-technical role into Identity Engineering; sharing the lessons learned, the unexpected challenges, and some recommendations for others already in or considering similar transitions. Additionally, she will share insights from her leadership about the journey to organically grow Identity and Access Management experts within the org.

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