Andrew Chanthaphone

Solution Cataylst; UberEther Inc.
Andrew Chanthaphone is a seasoned business analyst with numerous large-scale enterprise software implementations under his belt. Weaving between public and private sector customers, Andrew’s latest target of attack has been implementing Identity and Access Management best practices and products to customers. Unique to many of his security peers, Andrew comes from the business side and was drawn to the problems that IAM can help businesses solve and enable them to deliver solutions faster. Andrew enjoys working hand in hand with customers to solve their hardest problems by implementing beautifully simple solutions. When not solving problems, you can find Andrew coaching lacrosse to anyone willing to learn.

Andrew's Session

Friday, June 28
10:30 - 10:55 am
Sit Down, Shut Up, and Listen – Why Active Listening Is the Most Important Skill in Your Tool Kit
Being a great communicator is essential to success in the workplace. Being a great listener sets you apart from your peers. Studies have shown that managers and employees spend 40% of their day listening, while executives 80%. In today’s business, our customers want results and want them fast! They are looking squarely at their identity and access management teams to enable the next big thing within the business. With wanting to fulfill our customer’s needs, during conversations, requirement gathering sessions, or formal meetings, we hastily try and capture as much information as we can. In this rush, we tend to interject or judge our customer's ideas, requirements, or concerns. Resulting in missing key features when the solution is developed, causing many IAM programs to fall short of satisfying the company’s needs. We need to take a step back and listen to our customers and the business. One method is called active listening. Active listening is the ability to listen to our clients, intently and uninterrupted. To be a good active listener, use these key points: pay attention, show you are interested, provide feedback to your customer, be non-judgmental, and respond accordingly. Adding active listening to your skill set will help you develop quality products, minimize errors, but more importantly build respect between the business and your identity team allowing you to enable the businesses digital transformation.

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