Andrew Nash

Managing Vice President of Identity Services; Capital One
Andrew Nash is the Managing Vice President of Identity Services at Capital One. He joined Capital One in 2018, following the company’s acquisition of Confyrm—a startup focused on developing leading edge identity fraud detection and alerting systems, including identity validation and contraindication mechanisms. Prior to founding Confyrm, Andrew developed consumer identity vetting and verified information systems as CTO for Trulioo. In this role, he investigated and developed alternative identity validation services for online establishment of real world identities. Formerly, Andrew was Director of Identity Services at Google, operating the largest consumer identity provider in the world at that time, managing over billion consumer and enterprise identities. As Senior Director of Consumer Identity at PayPal, he managed over 350 million identities validated for use in financial services, complying with US Banking, AML and anti- terrorist funding requirements. As Director of Technologies at RSA Security, Andrew worked on a wide range of identity and security systems. A leader in PKI and Web-Services markets, he has co-authored numerous Web Services security specifications and is author of a book on Public Key Infrastructure. Andrew was a founding board member at the OpenID Foundation, the Open Identity eXchange (OIX) and the Information Card Foundation. In 2006, he was recognized by InfoWorld as one of the "Top 25 Most Influential CTOs”. Andrew is a graduate of the University of Sydney and holds a M.S. degree in software engineering.

Andrew's Session

Wednesday, June 26
9:30 - 10:00 am
Next-generation IDM: managing identities for people
Consumer identity has been on a complex journey for the last fifteen years... but really hasn't moved very far. Change is on the horizon.Interest in Consumer Identity has skyrocketed over the last two years: mobile network operators, card networks, banks, governments and various consortia all have a hand in the ring. Some of the more prominent advances in Consumer Identity have been based around decentralised or self-sovereign identity. The challenge is that the complexity levels of these approaches continues to rise - almost always an indication that useable outcomes are threatened. If trusted third parties are included in the mix, however, much of the complexity could be reduced.Join Andrew Nash, VP Identity at Capital One, to learn what roles a trusted entity might play in emerging Consumer Identity ecosystems, and to explore whether this could be the tipping point where management of identities for people - not businesses - finally becomes a reality.

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