Andrew Shikiar

Chief Marketing Officer; FIDO Alliance
Andrew Shikiar is the Chief Marketing Officer at FIDO Alliance, a global consortium working to create open standards and an interoperable ecosystem for simpler, stronger user authentication. He has deep experience in multi-stakeholder organizations, having previously led market development efforts for Tizen Association, LiMo Foundation and Liberty Alliance Project – and also helped structure and launch groups such as the Smart TV Alliance and Open Visual Communications Consortia.

Shikiar additionally has held executive and managerial roles driving a variety of emerging initiatives at leading technology companies. Managerial roles at Sun Microsystems included PR and marketing leadership for the company's Java and identity management initiatives at their inception. Andrew was also a founding executive at Radical Communication, an early entrant in the interactive email & analytics market. Most recently, Andrew served as VP of Marketing & Business Development for machine learning pioneer BigML.

Andrew's Sessions

Friday, June 28
10:30 - 11:20 am
MFA for Real - reports from the field
Our panel of experts will share their experiences of deploying FIDO solutions at scale. Come and find out how it's done!

Wednesday, June 26
5:00 - 5:25 pm
The state of FIDO
FIDO2 open standards, developed by the FIDO Alliance in partnership with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), allow the consumer electronics industry to build support for easy-to-use, phishing-resistant FIDO authentication directly into their products and platforms. Including the passwordless and second-factor use cases from first generation standards FIDO U2F and FIDO UAF, FIDO2 provides the end-to-end interoperability between devices and online services needed to finally put us past passwords for good. In this session, Andrew Shikiar will provide an overview of the FIDO2 vision for authentication and where adoption is to date, including: browser and platform support; supporting products and certification programs; and deployment by online services. In addition, Shikiar will give a sneak peek into new initiatives to bring the standards development and certification expertise of the FIDO Alliance to new work areas.

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