Ankur Patel

Principal Program Manager; Microsoft
Ankur Patel leads Growth for Identity @ Microsoft. In recent times, he has led the effort for connecting LinkedIn, the world’s leading professional graph and Office 365, the world’s leading productivity graph. Currently, Ankur leads Microsoft’s efforts for a new form of identity for users to own and control their identity and associated data, powered with technology provided by Microsoft to empower everyone to achieve more.

Ankur's Sessions

Wednesday, June 26
3:00 - 3:50 pm
Identity and Distributed Ledger - Today and Tomorrow
Join our expert panel, moderated by Paul Madsen, as they discuss and debate the future of distributed identity technology and its applications in solving identity problems.

Wednesday, June 26
4:25 - 4:50 pm
Microsoft Presents: Designing for decentralized identity and claims-based identity management
Organizations that support Decentralized Identity want to provide privacy respecting tools and services for users to own and control their Identity. This session focuses on why we need Decentralized Identity, demonstrate proof of concept to compare and contrast with existing account-based systems and share known challenges ahead for delivering a decentralized identity experience for everyone and everything.

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