Ashley Stevenson

VP, Product & Solution Marketing; ForgeRock

Ashley's Sessions

Tuesday, June 25
2:40 - 3:05 pm
As the World Turns: Real-World Identity Relationships Driving Data Decisioning
A massive new identity system-of-systems is emerging. Billions of previously isolated devices and cloud-native microservices are joining this digital ecosystem to serve organizations and individuals. In the meantime, many relationships in the real world can change in an instant, from device/user pairings and unpairings to business contract formations to marriages and divorces. Business decisions need to be made in near-real-time about everything: not just authorized access but consented data sharing, customer relationship management, access delegation, and more. As real-world relationships change and information generation rises, a crisis of security, privacy, and trust has emerged. What’s missing in this new digital world? Tackling these business decisions with a new class of dynamic decision capabilities. For example, if an individual sets up sharing of a variety of health and fitness wearable data with her spouse, how can she, and the company managing her healthcare payment benefits, ensure that a divorce doesn’t leave any loose data ends dangling? It’s achievable with User-Managed Access (UMA) and Identity Relationship Management (IRM). Join this session to see firsthand how to enable more intelligent, secure, and privacy-respecting access decisions for all connected people, services, and things.

Thursday, June 27
5:35 - 6:00 pm
ForgeRock Presents: Multiple Journeys, One Solution
The ever expanding enterprise has Identity requirements for each constituency - it's employees, it's partner and 'things." Each use case poses it own set of challenges but a winning strategy exists - a single platform to support it all.

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