Bertrand Carlier

Senior Manager; Wavestone
Bertrand Carlier is a senior manager in the Cybersecurity & Digital Trust practice at Wavestone with over 15 years of experience. He has been leading major Identity & Access Management projects, working with a broad number of client companies, in many industries. He has been involved in several “digital transformation” initiatives directed towards employees and customers as well as innovative projects to design and build their security architecture. He has a deep expertise on access control, API security, IoT, etc.

Wavestone is among the leading independent consultancies in Europe, employing over 2800 professionals across 8 countries and targeting tier one clients, leaders in their industries.

Bertrand's Session

Thursday, June 27
5:00 - 5:25 pm
IAM of Things. Is that even a thing?
Smart objects invaded homes and offices yet their cybersecurity seems to have never be fully addressed and examples are legion where individual objects are too easily compromised, or whole objects fleets are misused, or personal data are compromised. This session is about a methodology to address the security of IoT based on Identity, showing how applying Identity and Access Management recipes to the design of an IoT system can actually improve its level of cybersecurity: -Many identities now interact in such systems: things themselves, consumers (owners, family members, bystanders, etc.), workforce end-users, remote maintainers (think of the mechanic of your connected vehicle), etc. -Authenticating these identities is a fundamental and there are many ways to design how to embed identities within the objects -Applying then the right authorizations at scale is a real challenge and must come after the various interactions between things and people have been carefully defined -The whole lifecycle of objects should be considered, from design to trash We want to share within this session several real-life situations (smart home, connected vehicle, etc.) of how you can design the identity of things and how to control accesses in various use-case throughout the lifecycle of your objects.

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