Bjorn Hjelm

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff; Verizon
Bjorn Hjelm is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in Verizon Corporate Technology organization with over 20 years of experience in network planning, architecture, and implementation of advanced communication systems.

He is currently involved in various Mobile Identity projects as well as representing Verizon in several industry organizations, initiatives, and standards development related to Identity and Access Management. He represents Verizon on the Board of the OpenID Foundation and leads the development in the MODRNA WG.

He has been published in several industry publications and holds multiple patents in the areas of wireless communication, security, and identity management.

Bjorn Hjelm received a Diploma of Electrical Engineering from Sweden, Bachelor degree in Business Administration in the Engineering Route to Business program from University of Texas at Austin, and Master of Science degree in Telecommunication from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Bjorn's Sessions

Friday, June 28
9:30 - 10:20 am
Finally something better than SMS OTP
The four US carriers are working together to deliver a standardized authentication framework that enables any third party secure authentication of users, and seamless identities as user port across carriers or change their phone number. This will be a discussion on various use cases solved by this solution. And enables question and answers from the audience about the solution.

Thursday, June 27
3:10 - 3:35 pm
The Development of a 5G IAM Architecture
With emergence of a more digitized world combined with the prospect of a broadband communication of 20 Gbps, the development of an Identity and Access Layer in 5G started with the vision of user’s identities in the center of a new value proposition. Identity as an abstraction layer in 5G bridges across domains, cross access technologies and between the network and Internet services focused on an enhanced user experience as well as higher personalization of services that can only be achieved through a user-centric approach shifting the view from the subscriber to the user. This presentation will cover the background, including the various use case defined by multiple industry organizations, requirements, and technical development of 5G to enable this fundamental shift in next generation cellular system to unlock the potential of what 5G can deliver.

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