Blake Hall

Blake Hall is the Founder and CEO of, the next-generation digital identity platform that is simplifying how individuals prove and securely share their identity online. Under Blake's leadership, became one of four companies in the United States of America to earn federal accreditation to bind a legal identity to a digital login. Government agencies, healthcare organizations, financial institutions and retailers are using to verify the identity of customers.’s technology supports more than 200 partners across industries, including the Department of Veteran Affairs, USAA, and Ford. Prior to founding, Blake was an Army Ranger where led a platoon of scouts and snipers hunting high value targets in Iraq and was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor. Blake holds a Bachelor of Science magna cum laude from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Blake's Session

Friday, June 28
8:30 - 9:20 am
Modernizing the Government Experience with Smart Identity Solutions
Governments need to take a more active role to ensure that trusted identity is a shared service that improves citizen access to services and benefits. Citizens typically need to prove their identity to each new government agency they visit. This process is inefficient and frustrating for citizens and agencies as it wastes time, increases cost, and limits access to vital programs. Tying a citizen’s real-life identity to a shared login service can smooth the way for agencies to do what they do best in record time. For example, VA unified over 500 user-facing websites and multiple login systems into one online portal with a single sign-on. Veterans can now create an online account, tie it to their identity, and access benefits electronically without visiting a VA facility. Similarly, California citizens obtaining driver’s licenses at the DMV can simultaneously register to vote online. These DMV interactions can help simplify applications for services and benefits at other agencies. This panel will discuss how trusted identity is streamlining or will soon simplify the user experience for military veterans managing their healthcare benefits with VA, California citizens creating online accounts at the DMV, and Massachusetts citizens attending traffic hearings. The presentation will also outline how other agencies can use NIST-compliant identity processes to protect systems from malicious actors.

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