Bojan Simic

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder; HYPR
Bojan Simic is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of HYPR. Previously, he served as an information security consultant for Fortune 500 enterprises in the financial and insurance verticals conducting security architecture reviews, threat modelling, and penetration testing. Bojan has a passion for deploying applied cryptography implementations across security-critical software in both the public and private sectors. His extensive experience in decentralized authentication and cryptography have served as the underlying foundation for HYPR technology.

Bojan's Session

Tuesday, June 25
4:35 - 5:00 pm
Centralized Passwords Are a Hacker’s Dream. So Why Are We Still Using Them?
The primary cause of mass data breaches, credential reuse, fraud, and phishing attacks are centralized passwords. The past year has seen a truly monumental number of data breaches, and the most consistent aspect of all of them is that centralized passwords were the main target for hackers. This presentation will address how decentralizing credentials by encrypting and isolating them onto mobile devices eliminates the risky practice of storing passwords centrally – ultimately decreasing the risk of both internal and external breaches. Attendees of this session will leave with an understanding of why decentralized authentication is primed to become the standard practice for securing digital experiences for any enterprise’s deployment; learn why mobile devices are critical for a complete password-less experience; and recognize why all employees should log into their workstations through their mobile device as a secure digital key into all devices, apps and environments.

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