Carlos Mostek

SA; Auth0

Carlos's Sessions

Friday, June 28
9:20 - 9:45 am
Auth0 Presents: How to Manage the Complexities of an Internal Technology Platform
Over the past decade, many enterprises have sought to increase agility by shifting to modular architectures, typified by the broad shift to microservices. At Cimpress, the parent company to Vistaprint and 15 other world-leading Mass Customization businesses, we’ve been on this journey ourselves. Our modular internal platform allows our diverse and autonomous businesses to focus on serving their customers best. A key benefit of this approach is how it makes the “build versus buy” decision much more granular. There is no need to choose between monolithic solutions; we can mix and match third-party and in-house software components. But this modularity, combined with the diversity of our businesses and all their partners, creates the challenge of managing identity: how do you support a complex interplay of users and applications without crippling adoption, usability, and security? In this talk, we’ll discuss how Auth0 helped us tackle this challenge at Cimpress, both as an enabler of secure access to our applications and as a microservices-friendly vendor on top of which we can layer differentiating capabilities.

Friday, June 28
9:55 - 10:20 am
Auth0 Presents: Migrating a Complex Customer Identity Ecosystem to the Cloud: a DevOps(ish) Approach
Desjardins, the leading financial cooperative in Canada, offers personal/business banking, wealth management, and insurance. These multiple business units implemented standalone, often custom, Customer Identity solutions, creating organizational complexity in managing authentication and the overall identity lifecycle of its millions of users accounts. Join Vincent Brousseau, CIAM Platform Architect at Desjardins, as he discusses the DevOps-inspired approach his team took, in collaboration with Auth0, to tackle this challenge. He will cover his approach and the solution for implementing a modern Cloud CIAM at scale, with as little friction possible for members, customers, partners but also for the business units by providing a Self-Service Platform for developers to actively participate and take ownership of their Identity use cases.

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