Catherine Schulten

Principle Product Manager; AllClear ID
Catherine Schulten | AllClear ID

Catherine is the Principal Product Manager at AllClear ID where she is responsible for orchestrating product roadmap initiatives and ensuring that AllClear ID's protected digital identity offering meets industry user needs.

She actively participates in the Kantara Health Care Workgroup, OpenID HEART group, IDPro professional association and the CARIN Alliance. She contributes to various healthcare industry initiatives such as the Pew initiative to improve patient record matching across electronic health records and RAND research on advancing a nationwide patient matching strategy.

Catherine has over 25 years of health information technology experience address industry challenges from revenue cycle, HIPAA requirements, fraud, waste and abuse and patient identity management.

Catherine earned a B.S. in Marketing Management at Virginia Tech and is in the process of relocating from Richmond, Virginia to Austin, Texas.

Catherine's Session

Thursday, June 27
10:30 - 11:20 am
A Protected Digital Identity for the Healthcare Sector
This panel of healthcare identity experts from public and private sector will debate some of the more problematic and thought-provoking identity challenges in our industry. Why does identity assurance and authentication seem to work better at banks and between financial institutions than at hospitals or between healthcare entities. Is the grass really greener on the other side and what can the healthcare sector learn from our identity colleagues in the financial sector? Person-to-Record & Record-to-Record matching – in healthcare this problem is addressed by collecting a common set of PII and using matching algorithms to find and create the links, do other industries do this? Why aren’t you in the room? Healthcare has an immediate need to solve for patient consumer identities spurred on by the federal TEFCA requirements and yet identity vendors and identity expertise are largely lacking

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