Charles Walton

Senior Vice President, Digital Identity; Mastercard
Charles Walton is senior vice president, Digital Identity Products at Mastercard. He has broad experience in the security technology industry related to digital identity and authentication, NFC/mobile data systems, smart card ID system and the bankcard payments ecosystem.

Charles's Session

Tuesday, June 25
2:40 - 3:05 pm
Delivering a Trusted Digital Identity System
Imagine a world where a person’s identity and the devices operating on their behalf can be verified immediately, safely, and securely, across multiple touchpoints and in both the digital and the physical world; where access is gained without passwords and data is exchanged only with consent - as simple as saying: “Hi, this is me.” This is the future with digital identity.Mastercard, in collaboration with a broad range of partners, is developing a new digital identity system that works for everyone, no matter where in the world they are or have come from. One that is convenient, without compromising on security.Access to a digital identity will unlock new and enhanced experiences for people as they interact with businesses, service providers and their communities.

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