Chris Gregory

Director of Technical Alliances; Omada
Chris Gregory is the Director of Technical Alliances for Omada. Before joining Omada he had an extensive career with Microsoft working with fortune 500 companies on collaboration, identity and security initiatives. With his extensive knowledge of Directory Services, Azure, Security, Governance and Compliance, Chris supports Omada’s partners, technical alliances, and sales in North America as P-Seller with Microsoft where he continues to leverage his knowledge and expertise to support Microsoft 365 and Identity Governance opportunities for Omada and its alliance partners.

Chris's Sessions

Thursday, June 27
10:30 - 11:20 am
Omada Masterclass: Don’t Forget the Audit on your Digital Journey
As technology evolves within organizations, compliance has become a more complex topic that has the attention of executives and senior management. Internal security requirements and polices combined with regulatory legislation can lead to complexity. As organizations digitally transform it is common to find the audit processes in legacy state. Technology has evolved, why has your audit process not? Automating the auditing processes enables the ability to alert administrators and system owners of any exceptions, such as invalid identity states or the creation of rogue accounts in managed systems. In addition, the auditing processes provides continuous compliance controls that support a timely and orderly remediation for policy violations. Establishing a successful audit process framework and enhancing the audit processes to provide a constant state of compliance transforms the way you audit and also enables real time reporting and enables the evaluation of business policies and controls for the current state of identities and associated access rights, in comparison to the desired state.

Thursday, June 27
5:35 - 6:00 pm
Omada Presents: Finding your way on your IGA journey
IGA has become the cornerstone of solid IT security and compliance, allowing organizations to implement processes for controlling, managing, and auditing access to data- an important prerequisite for reducing security risk. We all start the journey towards Identity Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration maturity, and ultimately accomplish successful implementations, at different points. Each project has combination of different and unique requirements, business factors, and impact decisions which could lead to additional complexity for projects and at times unobtainable success and a project that never seems to end. In this presentation you will get an insight into best practice processes that are based on almost two decades experience in implementing IGA solutions in complex enterprises worldwide. With a focus on the People, Process and Technology combined with IdentityProcess+ that describes in detail the best practices that will assist you towards your successful Identity Governance and Administration project, no matter where you are in your IGA journey.

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