Chris Smith

Senior Architect; CoreBlox LLC
Chris Smith is an accomplished IAM/LDAP Security Architect from CoreBlox with a proven track record of delivering engagements for Fortune 500 clients. He specializes in working in environments that leverage a best-of-breed approach to Identity, architecting solutions across multiple stacks and facilitating migrations between them. Chris holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Florida Atlantic University.

Chris's Session

Friday, June 28
9:55 - 10:20 am
Moving Day! Planning and Executing Your Migration to a New Identity & Access Management Platform
“Moving”. The mere mention of this word can illicit a wide range of emotions from any renter or homeowner: excitement, fear, panic, worry, sadness. Change can be difficult, and these reactions to switching homes can also extend to the daunting task of switching Identity & Access Management systems. Over the years we have found a multitude of similarities between these life events. This Masterclass will focus on getting the audience to consider IAM system evaluations, decisions and planning in the same manner as they might consider moving to a new home. Considerations will include: •Recognizing why you’re moving •Evaluating replacement options •Preparing for your move •Packing •Moving Day! •Unpacking •Maintaining two “residences” temporarily All course content will be vendor agnostic and focused on concepts rather than specific products.

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