Dan McNulty

Principal Engineer; Ping Identity
Since joining Ping Identity in 2013, Dan McNulty has focused on building modern IAM software that is simple to deploy, leverages open standards, and provides high performance, scalability and reliability. In that time, he has gained deep experience implementing identity protocols such as OIDC and OAuth 2 as well as the core web protocols: HTTP and TLS. Looking to the future, he is keeping a close eye on WebAuthn, Token Binding, and further extensions to OIDC and OAuth 2.

Dan's Session

Thursday, June 27
3:45 - 4:10 pm
Developer Enablement with Centralized Access Management
You've been working hard to modernize your centralized access management platform but application onboarding continues to be a roadblock. Application onboarding can be impeded for any number of reasons. One common reason is friction with application development teams. Common objections from development teams include: the correct implementation of identity protocols is complex and error-prone, access management overhead degrades performance, the access management system should accommodate my atypical application architecture, my application MUST manage the login experience, not delegate it to the access management system, ...the list goes on. Successfully addressing these objections is an uphill battle, requiring both technical and political savvy. However, what if instead of addressing these issues head on, you leverage your modern, centralized access management platform to make the developer's job easier? If developers have it easier, perhaps they'll make a trade-off and choose ease of development over a commitment to their more ideological objections? Making trade-offs, after all, is a core part of software development. This session will present vendor-neutral strategies for improving the experience of onboarding applications to a centralized access management platform, focusing on platform characteristics you, the IAM professional, can offer developers that make their lives easier. Some of these strategies are implementable today, while others will require further innovation from the Identiverse.

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