Darin McAdams

Principal Engineer; AWS
Darin joined Amazon 19 years ago and spent his engineering career in all portions of the identity and authorization stack, ranging from the online services used by millions of customers all the way to the internal workforce management tools supporting over 600,000+ employees. He is currently a Principal Engineer in Amazon Web Services (AWS) where he focuses on cloud identity.

Darin's Session

Tuesday, June 25
4:00 - 4:25 pm
FastFed – A new standard to make SSO easy
Despite the existence of well-established standards for user authentication and provisioning, it can still take hours (or weeks!) to configure federation between an Identity Provider and an online service. It involves error-prone copying and pasting of values between providers, each of whom may choose to use standards in slightly different ways. Errors can be opaque and debugging requires a deep understanding of the underlying protocols. FastFed is an active standard under the OpenID Foundation that seeks to eliminate this friction. It enables federations to be established with just a few clicks in a web-based workflow and with no knowledge needed of the underlying protocols. This session will demonstrate how FastFed can easily connect users in Google to services in AWS. Then, we will peek behind the scenes at the protocol itself to show how FastFed enables this simplified experience.

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