Dave Culbertson

VP of Products; Saviynt
Dave Culbertson is the VP of Products at Saviynt. His career in IAM has spanned nearly 17 years and throughout that time has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals of better compliance and security posture. At Saviynt, Dave is responsible for analyst relations, corporate messaging and customer success.

Dave's Sessions

Thursday, June 27
10:30 - 11:20 am
Saviynt Masterclass: Securing Privileged Access to Cloud Infrastructure and SaaS at Enterprise Scale
This session will explore best-practice approaches and key considerations for facilitating, monitoring, and governing privileged access, and implementing critical business controls for cloud infrastructure platforms like Amazon Web Services, Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform. Additionally, in this session we will cover related topics for SaaS application platforms like SalesForce.com, 0365 and others. Most importantly, this session will cover how this can be accomplished at an enterprise scale for all production and non-production workloads. Finally, we will feature a demo of Saviynt CloudPAM. Join Vibhuti Sinha, Saviynt’s Chief Cloud Officer, as he explores these topics in depth.

Wednesday, June 26
11:35 - 12:00 pm
Saviynt Presents: Privileged Identity Governance, the Convergence of IGA and PAM
Over the last few years, it has become critical to put proper access controls and governance in place for privileged accounts be they named, shared, service or otherwise. As one of the primary attack vectors for bad actors, privileged accounts need to be managed and governed with additional care and this has become the top priority of many enterprises today. This task’s complexity is compounded 10x when we start to talk about IaaS and SaaS solutions, as the ephemeral and elastic nature of cloud makes it difficult for traditional PAM and IGA solutions to provide the necessary optics and controls to mitigate risk. Join Dave Culbertson, VP of Products for Saviynt, as he explores the convergence of these solution domains and their intersection with the cloud.

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