Dave Goldberg

Sr. Director, Product Management; Capital One

Dave's Session

Wednesday, June 26
12:10 - 12:35 pm
Capital One Presents: Moving from account-based to identity-based customer service
With the rise of mobile applications and dominance of Amazon, Google, Netflix and others in consumers' lives, expectations about customer service are far outpacing the ability of most companies to keep up. On the surface the answer might appear to be "they lack mobile apps" but the real reason is because almost all service providers establish the account as a proxy for the person in their relationship with their customers. For high risk interactions, this creates a friction that dehumanizes interaction, causing business results to suffer and proliferates the practice of collecting and storing personal and private information to the delight of fraudsters and nation-state adversaries. Starting from the human experience and working out, we can simultaneously enforcer better security practices, improve business results, and create superior customer experiences.

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