Dave Tonge

CTO; Moneyhub
Dave is the CTO of Moneyhub, developing an intelligent financial data and payments platform. He is involved in standards work across the OpenID Foundation, IETF, ISO and Open Banking UK - with a particular interest in security profiles and "decoupled" authorisation flows. He is a co-chair of the Financial API Working Group at the OpenID Foundation.

Dave's Session

Tuesday, June 25
4:35 - 5:00 pm
CIBA - Pay with your phone
New standards such as CIBA and it's FAPI profile are being used by banks across the world to allow users to start a journey on one device and authorise on another device. How does CIBA work and is it secure enough? What about privacy and shared identifiers? In this session I'll walk through the CIBA profile, how its being used by banks and the experiences that it enables.

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