David Lee

IAM Strategist; HDL Consulting
15 years typing letters and numbers into a computer screen and waiting for the magic to happen. Most of that time the magic was helping enterprises figure out how to manage all the accounts and access they have in a reasonable manner, by yelling at software created by a number of companies. Frustrated with that process I decided to work for one of the companies that actually made the software so I could yell at actual people that made the software. Now I help outside vendors integrate into that software, so they can spend their time yelling at me. Life is such a vicious circle. Additionally I host a podcast where we discuss topics in security and identity, and the meaning of life. Not fond of the term Identity Guru, but Identity Jedi has a nice ring to it.

David's Session:

Tuesday, June 16 | 10:30 - 10:55 am
The Power of SCIM

Identiverse brings us to the future!

— Nat Sakimura