Derek Hanson

Vice President, Solutions Architecture & Standards; Yubico
Derek Hanson is the Vice President of Solutions Architecture and Standards for Yubico. Derek and his team are tasked with assisting organizations and standards bodies everywhere to develop and deploy authentication solutions utilizing the YubiKey.

Derek's Session

Thursday, June 27
4:25 - 4:50 pm
Understanding Identity Trust Anchors
From the day you are born, you began accruing identity attributes that define who you are. These attributes are triggered by different events in life and are managed by a wide variety of different organizations. Additionally, depending on which country, which state, and potentially your ethnicity, your identity attributes are managed differently. These attributes are the foundation of every event where we need to prove who we are so that we can work, file taxes, pursue higher education, receive a license, receive a benefit or participate in the political system. These attributes are additionally relied on for account recovery and are the foundation of most identity proofing processes. In a post breach world, we need to understand how these attributes are managed, validated, secured and updated so that systems we build that are reliant on identity have a solid foundation. In this talk, we will take a quick survey through the life events of individuals, covering real world scenarios so that we can begin a healthy conversation on how to rely on these attributes to solve real world problems.

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