Derek Hanson

Vice President, Solutions Architecture & Standards; Yubico
Derek Hanson is the Vice President of Solutions Architecture and Standards for Yubico. Derek and his team are tasked with assisting organizations and standards bodies everywhere to develop and deploy authentication solutions utilizing the YubiKey.

Derek's Session

Thursday, June 27
4:25 - 4:50 pm
Examining the Security Key Lifecycle
In April this year, WebAuthn was officially released to the world as a new standard for authentication. WebAuthn enables a rich set of authentication solutions to be built, but knowing how to enable these solutions, is a major key in building a future where we no longer rely on passwords or phishable technologies. This session will dive into the journey of adopting WebAuthn, the components in the architecture of this modern authentication solution and how this new protocol touches not only every stage of an account lifecycle but creates a new phase that must be supported. This session will not only help you understand how to deploy authentication solutions internally but also how to build great solutions for your customers.

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