Dileep Gorrepati

IT Engineer; Cisco
Dileep Leads OneID Multi-Cloud Platform in Cisco. He has been practicing security and software Engineering for the past 14 years. Dileep is currently helping Cisco IT in cloud native transformation and Building FedRAMP Compliant IAM System. He is a strong opensource advocate.

Dileep's Session

Friday, June 28
9:30 - 10:20 am
Cloud Native Customer Identity and Access Management
As businesses drives digital transformation and strives to support new business models, Customer Identity and Access Management is transforming to be a critical component to marketing, customer success and product strategies. In addition, the security and privacy landscape are driving new requirements and capabilities. Ideal vs reality – what we learned and learning in our journey. • What we learned and still learning deploying Ping Directory, open source, and custom component cloud native (microservices and containers) and in a hybrid cloud. • What is the security and privacy capabilities we are building to meet the new demands of GDPR, FedRamp, etc. • What capabilities are needed to support digital transformation and new business models (Subscription, Everything as a Service). Opportunities for the industry.

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