Emily Ricketts

Product Manager; Wells Fargo
Emily Ricketts is an Authentication Product Manager who is passionate about solving problems with easy to use, efficient, and elegant products that customers enjoy using. After spending nearly 20 years working in the technology space, Emily believes that software should make it easier for users to accomplish their goals, in the simplest way possible without ever needing to crack a user manual or go to product help.Emily currently work at Wells Fargo in the Wholesale Authentication Innovation group. Previously, she has worked at a variety of technology companies, and took a detour from the corporate world to start and operate an online business.Emily holds an MBA from the University of Maryland.

Emily's Session

Tuesday, June 25
5:10 - 5:35 pm
Wells Fargo’s Journey to a Flexible and Nimble Authentication Experience
In 2015, Wells Fargo Wholesale piloted Face and Voice biometric authenticators for select customers of CEO Mobile to find out how receptive Wholesale customers would be to using biometric authenticators in place of the standard company ID, user ID, and password that was currently required.  As a result of the pilot, a project started in 2016 to implement biometric authentication for CEO Mobile customers.From 2016 to current day, there has been an explosion of authentication options and it became obvious that Wells Fargo needed an authentication framework that could easily add and remove authenticators, make specific authenticators available for only certain devices, and more.  A flexible and nimble authentication framework was the only way to keep pace with the industry changes, and customize authentication as needed for our customers.  This session discusses our journey from the password to a dynamic authentication experience that meets both the security needs of the business and the customer’s need for ease of use.

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