Gerry Gebel

VP Business Development; Axiomatics
Gerry is the VP of Business Development at Axiomatics, and in this role he

supports our sales, marketing, customer support and product teams by

managing strategic partnerships and alliances Prior to joining Axiomatics, Gebel

was vice president and service director for Burton Group’s identity management

practice. Gebel authored or contributed to more than 70 reports and articles on

topics such as authorization, federation, identity and access governance, user

provisioning and other IAM topics. In addition, Gebel has nearly 15 years

experience in the financial services industry including architecture development,

engineering, integration, and support of Internet, distributed, and mainframe


Gerry's Sessions

Wednesday, June 26
11:35 - 12:00 pm
Bring Your Own Identity: A Skeptical look at Social Login and Single SignOn
Follow one man’s journey managing his own identity as technology comes of age and the struggle between privacy and convenience takes a number of interesting but challenging directions. At first, convenience was the main force in the industry to reduce the number of logins. Over time, my focus turned to concerns about privacy and surveillance – do you have the same concerns?

Tuesday, June 25
2:40 - 3:05 pm
Policy-enabling your services: elastic, dynamic access control for your APIs, microservices and data
APIs have become the backbone of many services nowadays - from the weather forecast to delivery notifications and photo printing services. Not only can we consume data and services more readily through those APIs but we can also mash them up into greater services. To do so, we tackled API security through OAuth and OpenID Connect. They form a good basis to handle authentication and basic authorization delegation, but there is so much more to consider from an authorization perspective. This session will discuss how security concerns can be addressed through policy-driven authorization in a way that meets the needs and expectations of application developers, owners, and auditors alike. We will show how complex access policies can be handled through a dedicated authorization microservice. With this approach, you can automate security deployment changes within the same CI/CD pipelines used for application management. Furthermore, new deployment configurations are possible, such as implementing the authorization service as a sidecar, to meet advanced performance and scale requirements. All this without changing a single line of code.

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