Iain McGinniss

Principal Software Engineer; WeWork
Iain is a principal software engineer who designs flexible Identity solutions for WeWork's rapidly growing set of products, for both digital and physical permissions and access control. Prior to joining WeWork, he led multiple efforts as part of Google's Identity Platform team, such as the Google Sign-in API for Android, Smart Lock for Passwords, OpenYOLO, and Firebase Auth. He was also the lead maintainer of the AppAuth suite of libraries, which simplify OAuth2 / OpenID Connect integration for mobile apps.

Iain's Session

Tuesday, June 25
11:30 - 12:20 pm
An Introduction to Mobile Identity
Identity on a mobile device takes more forms than one might expect, and these aren't strictly equivalent to desktop or web identity counterparts even when the same back-end protocols are in use. We'll explore each of the different layers of mobile identity from the device and user layers through the app layer and examine how these identity concepts have evolved in modern mobile operating systems. We will also discuss a number of identity best practices on mobile devices and associated cross-platform mobile identity solutions like AppAuth which can standardize and improve the user identity experience for OAuth-based apps and services.

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