Jake Feasel

Developer Experience Lead; Forgerock
Jake has been working in the web platform for 20 years, all the while primarily interested in the use of standards and open source technologies. Jake is currently a senior engineer at ForgeRock, where he has been for the last seven years. He is most recently responsible for improving the ways in which developers interact with the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

Jake's Session

Friday, June 28
8:30 - 9:20 am
ForgeRock Masterclass: The Easy (and Secure!) Way to Build JavaScript Web Apps with OAuth 2 & OIDC
What are the best current practices for building modern, completely standards-based (OIDC) web applications? Which flow should you use? How should you renew expired access tokens? How do you work with multiple resource servers? How do you achieve single-sign on? How can you make logging into your app as seamless as possible? We will demonstrate how simple it is to do all of this using open source libraries maintained by ForgeRock. Together we will deep dive into what these libraries are doing for you behind the scenes: PKCE, service workers, IndexedDB storage, hidden iframes, and more. In the end you will have all the tools at your disposal to easily build your next modern web app with OIDC.

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