Jostine Ho

Sr. Data Scientist; Sailpoint
Jostine Ho is a Senior Data Scientist at SailPoint. With a master's degree in petroleum engineering and background in computational fluid dynamics, she has a passion for optimizing quantitative models and automating data-driven processes. Realizing that she could combine her deep interest in math and graphics, she transitioned to data science to be on the forefront of next-generation AI. Jostine joined SailPoint in the early stages of IdentityAI, a SaaS identity analytics solution, and has been focusing on applying machine learning to solve emerging challenges and refine existing processes in the field of IGA. She has successfully brought several innovations from concept to working prototypes for use-cases in peer group analysis and role mining.

Jostine's Session:

Wednesday, June 10 | 10:35 - 11:00 am
America’s Next Role Model: Revolutionary Role and Access Modeling Powered by AI

Identiverse was an excellent training ground for learning about modern secure methods of authentication.

— Anonymous