Kaliya Young

co-founder; Human First Tech
Kaliya Young is known as "Identity Woman" and co-founded the Internet Identity Workshop in 2005 with Doc Searls and Phil Windley. She is the author of A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Sovereign Identity, and the Domains of Identity. Currently she serves as an adjunct professor at Merritt College. In 2017 she was in the first cohort of the Master of Science in Identity Management & Security in program at UT Austin. This past winter she was New America India-US Public Interest Technology Fellow and spend two months in India studying Aadhaar.

Kaliya's Sessions

Thursday, June 27
5:35 - 6:15 pm
Developing World Identity
Organizations including the United Nations and the World Bank have prioritized digital identity in the developing world in recent years – rallying around a UN “Sustainable Development Goal” to provide legal identity for all by 2030. The ability of robust digital identity infrastructure to empower individuals, protect their rights, and help them get more reliable access to services and benefits is unquestioned. Conversely, the more than one billion people across the globe lacking identity are some of the most vulnerable; if these new systems are not architected properly, there are scenarios where new identity systems might be used against them. This panel will discuss efforts to make sure that we get digital identity right in the developing world – exploring areas of promise, as well as some of the practical challenges involved with creating identity systems for those who do not have them today.

Wednesday, June 26
3:00 - 3:50 pm
Understanding the needs of Marginalized Communities When Building Identity Systems
Decentralization of Identity in the new digital infrastructure is currently happening. It will shape the future of technology and its impact on users and civil society. Success means we will need to understand what went wrong. Did we anticipate all the current threats to the existing framework? How It will impact open standards and influence the practices that will evolve with this new layer of infrastructure. Our panel will discuss current research with highlights of the existing and future threats to security, identity, biometrics (i.e. facial recognition), and safety.

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