Kevin Shanley

Specialist Director; KPMG LLP
Kevin is a Director in KPMG’s Advisory Services practice with 20 years of experience in designing and deploying cutting edge, high-volume Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions for government agencies, banks, telecoms, insurance, and manufacturing industries. He has a broad international background, with working experience in over 30 countries across North America, EMEA, and Asia. Kevin has previously worked both on the vendor side and the consultancy side of Identity and Access Solutions, providing him with a unique insight into the intricacies of vendor conduct and priorities. As a practice lead, Kevin has successfully led a variety of Identity and Access Management modernization and migration projects, as well as complex, offshore development projects.

Kevin's Session

Thursday, June 27
10:30 - 11:20 am
KPMG Presents: WAM Modernization - Migrate to Automation and Self-Service
In this master class, we will demonstrate how the KPMG Access Management Orchestration Suite (KAMOS) supports modernizing your access management capabilities, including migrating applications from a legacy web access management (WAM) providers, converting policies into an automated framework, and finally graduating into a distributed, self-service solution. Join us on the journey modernizing from legacy WAM and a legacy way of doing business to the next generation approach to web access management.

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