Lav Kapoor

Specialist Director; KPMG LLP
Lav is a Specialist Director in KPMG’s Cyber Security Services practice. He is a seasoned professional, with over thirteen years of experience encompassing leadership, product management, architecture, design, development, testing, integration and implementation of multi-tiered enterprise applications and products, with specialized expertise in Identity and Access Management (IAM). He has international experience working on Fortune 500 organizations in North America and APAC.

Lav's Session

Tuesday, June 25
9:15 - 10:05 am
KPMG Presents: API Integration with OAuth and Traditional Web Session Management
Web applications have moved on from a traditional web protection and authorization model. Modern web applications present a few challenges for authentication that are difficult to solve using conventional methods. Modern web applications often deploy in an AJAX / Single Page Application (SPA) model and leverage a complex combination of microservices APIs and standard web URL calls. The integration of traditional web sessions with OAuth tokens introduces a number of functional disconnects with respect to centralized session management, OAuth JWT token management, error handling, logout handling, and cross-origin resource sharing (CORS). This session will delve into the functional models and demonstrate some of the common failures that can arise. With examples using PingFederate and PingAccess, KPMG will provide some leading practices for the creation and integration of modern web application components into a secure infrastructure.

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