Marla Hay

Director, Product Management, Privacy and Data Governance; Salesforce
Director of product for privacy and data governance at Salesforce. Over 15 years experience in product management, primarily focused on identity and privacy. Passionate about the intersection of privacy and user experience.

Marla's Sessions

Thursday, June 27
11:30 - 12:20 pm
Insider Threats: When Privacy, Security and Identity Management Collide
Privacy, security and identity management are three distinct fields. Yet, close coordination among their practitioners is essential for any robust IT operations program. Never is this more apparent than when an employee, contractor, or other “insider” is suspected of harming your environment or misappropriating your data. Privacy, security and identity management professionals must work together to investigate, address and remediate the incident by answering these (and other) questions: •Privacy: Was personal data involved? What are the laws, regulations, or company policies around the appropriate handling of that data? •Security: What controls were in place around the data? Were they evaded? Was a vulnerability exploited? •Identity Management: Who had access to the data? Did any individuals in question abuse authorized access? Were any access rights escalated? Was a privileged account involved? When was the last access review? The session will analyze each of the above questions in the context of scenarios based on real-life insider threat investigations. Audience members will be encouraged to participate by playing different roles involved in the incident investigation and response and strategizing from the perspective of a privacy, security and identity management professional.

Wednesday, June 26
11:00 - 11:25 am
The new privacy landscape or: How I learned to stop worrying and love privacy regulations
What can we learn a year out from GDPR about how to manage privacy legislation? What does new privacy regulation like CCPA or LGPD mean for the privacy landscape in general? How can we future-proof our privacy practices to move beyond prepping for the next set of rules?

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