Mike Anthony

Director of Identity and Access Management; IRS
Michael Anthony serves as the Director for Identity and Access Management at the IRS. Michael directs the technical integration of the IRS’s public-facing applications like Where’s My Refund? and helps manage the agency’s identity proofing, authentication and authorization capabilities. He helps drive the IRS strategy on how to operate in a manner that accounts for taxpayer expectations, emerging issues and industry best practices. Having served in other leadership roles within the agency, he also knows the real-time tax systems – some of the most complex in government – work together to process more than 150 million individual tax returns a year. He is also part of the team that helps shape the agency’s comprehensive cybersecurity program based on evolving NIST policy and guidance and the threat landscape. Before joining the IRS in 2015 as part of a competitive executive leadership program, Michael served with the U.S. Army’s Research and Development organization.

Mike's Session

Wednesday, June 26
11:35 - 12:00 pm
Customer Identity at the IRS – Bringing Innovation to the Taxpayer Experience
The United States Internal Revenue Service is one of the largest operations in the world – public or private. In 2017, they processed over 244 million returns and dispensed over 122 million refunds, representing more than $426 billion. Each year they support over 394 million customer interactions and at the heart of each interaction is customer identity. Last year, the IRS kicked off the Secure Access Digital Identity initiative, a project focused on bringing innovation to the architecture, technology, and processes used to proof, authenticate, and manage taxpayer identities. In this presentation, Mike Anthony (Director of IRS’s Identity and Access Management Domain) and Mike McAdams (IRS’s Chief Identity Architect) will provide an inside look at the IRS’s efforts to transform their current eAuthentication system into one that embraces the most current leading practices from across the public and private sectors. From re-architecting around micro-services and API’s, to embracing federation, and exploring new capabilities such as behavioral biometrics – Mike and Mike will provide attendees with insight into opportunities and challenges they face as the IRS evolves their enterprise capabilities. This presentation is the continuation of dialogue between industry and government to help overcome challenges and capitalize on the promise of customer identity.

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