Nat Sakimura

Research Fellow / Chairman; NRI / OpenID Foundation
Nat Sakimura is a well-known identity and privacy standardization architect at Nomura Research Institute and the Chairman of the Board of the OpenID Foundation. Besides being an author of such widely used standards as JWT (RFC7519), JWS (RFC7515), OAuth PKCE (RFC7636) and OpenID Connect, he helps communities to organize themselves to realize the ideas around identity and privacy.

As the chairman of the board of the OpenID Foundation, he streamlined the process, bolstered the IPR management, and greatly expanded the breadth of the foundation spanning over 10 working groups whose members includes large internet services, mobile operators, financial institutions, governments, etc.

He is also active in public policy space. He has been serving in various committees in the Japanese government including the Personal Data Working Group.

He is currently the head of delegates of the Japanese National Body to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27/WG 5 that standardizes Identity management and privacy technologies and is the chair of the Working Group on Trusted Personal Data Management Service Certification in Japan.

Nat's Session

Tuesday, June 25
4:35 - 5:00 pm
SSO: Self-sovereign OpenID Connect - a ToDo list
While in many cases, OpenID Connect is described as the opposite of Self-sovereign identity, it actually is not. There is no need for OpenID provider to be run by a big cloud provider and most of the Self-sovereign identity requirements seems to be fulfilled by the Core protocol. However, there also are some specifics to be filled out. The list of such features includes a standardized method for * Registering the SIOP to the claims provider so that the SIOP can request signed claims to the claims provider; * Binding the Self-issued identifier (a hash of the public key) and the attested claims; * Attesting the signing key from the past; * Providing the claims to the RP when the SIOP is offline; and * Enabling key recovery. This session will talk about the specifics of these issues and where we are in solving them.

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