Nathan Harris

Lead Identity Architect; CVS
I am an enterprise identity innovator and implementer of high performance teams and solutions. My IAM experience goes back to the '90s, but current areas of focus and implementation experience are DevOps for IAM, Cloud Identity, Analytics/Machine Learning/AI for accelerating IAM (and related security) control improvements. If it has been done in enterprise identity, it's likely I've tried it, learned from it, and improved on it.

Nathan's Session

Friday, June 28
9:20 - 9:45 am
The Past, Present, And Future of Enterprise Identity
I am an enthusiastic student of and participant in both the history and ongoing potential of the identity industry in meeting enterprise business needs, and even accelerating business value delivery. In this 'lightning' overview, we will survey the origins of the identity & access management field/discipline, summary of key trends over the last 20 years, high notes and bright spots of current best practices for enterprise identity (yes, even a one page reference architecture since these are so popular), and a call to what it is now possible for us to achieve for our business partners that really wasn't conceivable until now. We have a history to be proud of and the potential to deliver real and ever improving business value that we should be truly excited about. My goal for this session is simple - to highlight for all of us practitioners the business value we have delivered, are delivering and will deliver in even greater degree.

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