Nishant Kaushik

CTO; Uniken Inc
Nishant Kaushik is the CTO of Uniken, leading the development of their mobile-first security platform that helps businesses drive truly transformative engagement with their customers by delivering powerful security while actually improving the client experience (CX). He brings over 15 years of experience in the identity management industry architecting and delivering market leading products, with stints at Thor Technologies, Oracle, SCUID and CA Technologies. His current role allows him to focus on his latest passion of solving the user experience problem in delivering exceptional security by leveraging identity. Nishant is a recognized thought leader, regularly speaking at conferences and provoking discussion through his blog ( and on twitter (@NishantK).

Nishant's Session

Thursday, June 27
4:25 - 4:50 pm
So You Think You Can Two Factor
6 years. It took 6 long years, ever since the Mat Honan hack opened everyone’s eyes to the need for two factor authentication, for us to reach the point where every major company added two-factor as their solution to block account hacks. Yet the news is still full of stories about account takeovers and data breaches. What happened? Why did 2FA, as the geeks call it, not prove to be the one-stop security fix it was promised to be? The answer lies in understanding what it means to properly augment your authentication with a second factor. Join me as we explore how not all second factors are created equal, and I show how complexity and vulnerabilities creep in from supporting systems around two-factor authentication. We’ll discuss how the fact that business is omnichannel impacts 2FA deployments, how zero trust architectures are impacting the authentication space, and lets not forget those pesky regulations. And we’ll discuss the single biggest challenge enterprises face when its time to go multi-factor, and how they can turn that challenge into an asset.

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