Olaf Grewe

Director; head of recertification solutions; Deutsche Bank
Olaf Grewe manages Deutsche Bank’s central authorisation solutions from policy, design, implementation, to operations. Throughout his global career, he has focused on bringing the right people, processes, and providers together to deliver cost-effective, sustainable identity-enabled cyber security services matching the organisation’s risk appetite. Senior stakeholders appreciate his ability to present identity and access as a business challenge with measurable outcomes. Technology teams value robust implementation discussions.

Olaf's Session

Wednesday, June 26
11:35 - 12:00 pm
Evolving Authorisation in the Enterprise
This presentation will venture past the identity challenge onto the greener pasture of authorisation. As someone put it to me: “I don’t do authorisation, it’s way too close to the business process.” For those of us not afraid of pain this presentation will provide insights into the challenges of consolidating and aligning authorisation solutions in a complex enterprise environment. I will first propose a framework to evaluate solutions in terms of scope (internal vs client, role-based vs attribute based, etc) and integration type. Based on this multiple enterprise-specific solutions will be analysed. The presentation will then provide and approach to integrate them into a common data model and reference architecture. I will further touch on the role current standards such as OIDC and UMA can play. The presentation will strengthen attendees’ resolve to not leave authorisation to developers and business analysts alone and give them an appreciation of how even commercial off the shelf software can benefit from centrally provided authorisation solutions.

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