Paul Bedi


Paul's Session

Wednesday, June 26
5:00 - 5:25 pm
IDMWORKS Presents: IAM to the Power of n: Improve Your IAM Program Effectiveness with an MSP
As IAM increasingly becomes a lynchpin in digital transformation initiatives, IAM leaders find themselves in a conundrum. Digital initiatives rely on a mature, scalable IAM organization for success. At the same time there is increasing pressure to cut operational costs in traditional IT investment areas (like IAM). So how do we build an IAM organization staffed with highly-skilled experts that has the power to contract and expand at will to match business needs (and even understand what those business needs are)? In this session we’ll explore how successful IAM leaders are employing a strategy that gives them the best of both worlds: environment and business-specific expertise within their organization + industry knowledge, operational wizardry, and rapid scalability of a managed services partner. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of: ●Different managed services models and how to identify the right model for your business ●Apples to oranges - how to evaluate different managed services partners ●Proven methodology for succeeding in a blended (internal + MSP) model

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