Ralph Martino

Sr. Director Data Governance & Protection, Digital Identity and Data Services; Optiv
Ralph Martino is a senior director in Optiv’s advisory solutions practice in the IDM group. He is a proven technology leader with a 360 degree view of security, risk management and regulatory compliance—and is skilled in all aspects of communication, program and technical management. Martino’s role is focused on helping Optiv’s clients build capable services to help manage unstructured data and provide machine learning analytics to determine identity misuse.

This includes building services around technologies that integrate with clients’ current and future IGA platforms, as well as providing identity analytics to client data protection programs.

Ralph's Sessions

Wednesday, June 26
3:00 - 3:50 pm
Optiv Presents: Digital Transformation from an Identity and Data Perspective
Emerging trends and technologies have accelerated the adoption of digital transformation but they have also led to the explosion of data. The right users need to access the data for the right reasons but the controls that have been put in place at the traditional perimeter don’t extend to the applications and devices that are being accessed. This panel, moderated by Julie Talbot-Hubbard, will explore digital transformation from the perspective of identities and data and highlight tips to secure these critical assets.

Wednesday, June 26
5:00 - 5:25 pm
Optiv Presents: The Data Story
As businesses continue to grow in size and complexity, the traditional approach of managing identities and access to critical data manually has led to security gaps and increased risks. This has driven enterprises to look at IAM and Data Governance together as one holistic program and align to business initiatives. This Session will explore the stakeholders involved and the required capabilities and business outcomes of data at each stage of the data lifecycle. The talk will also highlight how an enterprise can take on a programmatic approach to IAM and data governance.

Tuesday, June 25
8:15 - 9:05 am
Optiv Presents: Zero Trust and Identity-Defined Security
81% of hacking related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords.* Despite this startling statistic, organizations are still heavily reliant on passwords to secure critical data and infrastructure. Instead of building a security strategy solely on passwords, organizations need to adopt the notion of zero trust identity where no individual or device is trusted on the network. This Panel, moderated by Robert Block, will provide the five essential components of a zero-trust identity model and how you can implement it by integrating the IAM and security tools deployed today. *Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report

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