Richard Bird

Chief Customer Information Officer; Ping Identity
Richard Bird is the chief customer information officer for Ping Identity. He is a cyber security veteran and former chief information security officer. He is an internationally recognized identity-centric security expert, not just from a security solutions standpoint but as the former global head of identity for JP Morgan Chase’s consumer businesses. Richard is a frequent speaker on keynote platforms around the world as well as a member of the Forbes Tech Council. Richard has been interviewed by TechRepublic, CNN, Solutions Review, NASDAQ and Congressional Quarterly on topics ranging from data protection regulations to cybersecurity enabled consumer protection. He is also frequently quoted in media ranging from industry channels to NBC. Richard’s observations and recommendations are informed by more than 20 years as a corporate IT executive with experiences ranging from M&A program management to being a chief information officer. His focus is strongly oriented to using his background to bring together companies, organizations, governments and solution providers to truly change the framework of cybersecurity and shift our focus to protecting people ahead of protecting “things”.

Richard's Session

Thursday, June 27
8:30 - 8:45 am
Digital Identity for the People
People aren't generally very good at security. That places the onus on online business and services to look out for their customers and users, which in turn has implications for how we think about digital identity. Join Richard Bird as he explores the whys and wherefores of how good people really aren't at online security, and examines how better digital identity can help.

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