Rolf Lindemann

CTO & Director Products; Nok Nok Labs
Dr. Rolf Lindemann is CTO & Director Products at Nok Nok Labs. He is one of the primary authors of the key FIDO protocols and an expert in authentication, biometrics and PKI technologies. Prior to Nok Nok Labs, Dr. Lindemann led Products at PGP TrustCenter at Symantec and was previously the founder of TC TrustCenter, one of the first SaaS Security companies and most trusted public Certificate Authorities.

Rolf's Session

Thursday, June 27
5:35 - 6:00 pm
Envisioning Authentication Beyond FIDO
The outlines of FIDO were first discussed at Cloud Identity Summit in Vail. Six years on, it is a firmly established standard with over a billion users using it every day through major brands they interact with. FIDO was conceived as a building block for strong identity & authentication practices and there are applications that range from consumer to enterprise to IoT in wide deployment. How do we think about strong authentication & user identity and experience in a world where hardware-based strong user authentication is ubiquitous? How should one augment FIDO based authentication and what are the key additional building blocks required for a successful deployment at scale? What user journeys are easy and which are hard within the current authentication landscape? This talk from one of the inventors of FIDO will provide a birds eye view of the authentication landscape, its projected evolution and best practices to achieve authentication nirvana.

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