Ryan Howells

Principal; Leavitt Partners

Ryan's Session

Thursday, June 27
10:30 - 11:20 am
A Protected Digital Identity for the Healthcare Sector
Healthcare organizations with their vast databases of PII are a prime target for breaches. Unlike other industry sectors where the person may be reimbursed for financial losses that occur from the breach, the patient cannot be made whole once their personal health information has been exposed. Also, once a person's identity attributes have been stolen, it is possible that an imposter may use that identity to secure healthcare services resulting in a patient safety issue when two patients' data are co-mingled into a single record. Healthcare sector needs to not only do a better job of confirming the identity of the patient during enrollment but also needs to consider services that assist in strengthening the patient's identity before a breach ever occurs. During this session we will review the existing state of the industry around patient identity and emerging trends for patient-managed identity and consents.

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