Sarat Subramaniam

Principal Program Manager; Microsoft
Sarat leads the team responsible for Azure AD Conditional Access and credentials innovations. Prior to this role, Sarat was responsible for the cross organizational (B2B) collaboration fabric in Azure AD. His focus is on empowering all organizations in the world to vaporize barriers to communication and collaboration - and enable them to work across physical, geographical and legal boundaries to innovate and deliver massive value in a simple, secure and compliant manner - while maintaining control on their data and complying with industry and government regulations. Prior to Azure, Sarat spent several years on the SharePoint and OneDrive team, responsible for their identity, policy and external and cross-organizational collaboration experiences. Sarat started at Microsoft helping to bring to market early versions of the Microsoft Surface (the digital coffee table - now called PixelSense). His mantra is "Everyone wins when the right thing to do is also the easiest thing to do".

Sarat's Session

Wednesday, June 26
5:35 - 6:00 pm
Microsoft Presents: Secure your identities with a Zero Trust strategy
A successful Zero Trust strategy requires seamless and flexible access to applications, systems, and data while maintaining security for both users and the resources they need to do their jobs. Join this session and learn why and how to move from a traditional perimeter focused security model to a Zero Trust model with identity as the control plane. See how identity is crucial to enabling a Zero Trust model for your employees, partners and applications.

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