Shekhar Jha

Specialist Director; KPMG LLP
Shekhar Jha has been an identity and access management professional for over 17 years involved in over 50 projects. He demonstrates a broad understanding of the different vendor offerings within the identity and access management space, in addition to a strong ability to translate complex business needs into elegant, non-vendor specific, or cross-vendor technical solutions. He has specialization in business-to-business customers' identity management and fine-grained entitlements.

Shekhar's Session

Tuesday, June 25
1:30 - 1:55 pm
KPMG Presents: Consent as a new currency
With the significant increase in the oversight on how companies share data, the need to have a mature consent lifecycle across customers, business partners and employees has grown significantly. At the same time, this maturity enables development of new business models to enable a company and its users to monetize the consent. This session will explore the various aspects of this new opportunity.

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