Than Khar Chin

Specialist Director, Cyber Security Services; KPMG LLP
Than Khar is a Specialist Director in KPMG’s Cyber Security Services with 12 years of experience in Information Technology, Cloud Security, Enterprise IAM and Consumer IAM solutions. He enjoys leading various innovative and integrated solutions within IAM and providing simple solutions to complex problems. In addition, Than Khar leads architecture and development of many of KPMG’s IAM innovation investments in delivery enablers, accelerators and integration tools.

Than Khar's Session

Tuesday, June 25
5:10 - 5:35 pm
KPMG Presents: Triggering Identity Events for Cyber Defense
This session will cover case study and leading practices for leveraging event driven deployment models, rule bases and asynchronous publish/subscribe end-to-end service to service architecture to trigger IAM events in the context of Security Incident Response (SIR) and/or Threat and Vulnerability Risk Management scenarios. The real time, event driven revocation of access to high risk assets potentially provides a more immediate defensive capability of "ring fencing" one or more Enterprise assets that are affected by exploitable vulnerabilities or during significant security incidents that require a quarantine or quarantine-like capability.

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