Thomas Hardjono

Director - MIT Trust::Data Consortium; MIT
Thomas Hardjono is currently the CTO of Connection Science and Director of the MIT Trust-Data Consortium, located at MIT in Cambridge, MA, USA. Prior to this he was the Executive Director of the MIT Kerberos Consortium, developing the Kerberos protocol to become the most ubiquitously deployed authentication protocol in world today. Over the past two decades Thomas he has held various industry technical leadership roles, including Distinguished Engineer at Bay Networks, Principal Scientist at VeriSign PKI, and CTO roles at several start-ups. He has been at the forefront of several industry initiatives around identity, trust and cybersecurity. His areas of interest include decentralized identity, data privacy, cryptography, blockchain survivability, and trusted computing. He has authored several dozen technical papers, patents and books covering cryptography, network security, identity and blockchain security.

Thomas's Session:

Wednesday, July 15 | 12:00 - 12:25 pm
Verifiable Claims Exchange Networks for Virtual Asset Service Providers

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