Tom Eggleston

CEO; ProofID
With nearly 20 years industry experience, Tom Eggleston eats, drinks and sleeps Identity and Access Management. A regular industry speaker in Europe and the US, Tom knows how to balance technical evangelism with the real world, finding practical solutions to the identity challenges faced by modern businesses.

As ProofID’s CEO, Tom has been instrumental in growing the organisation into the leading global provider of identity management security solutions.

He also enjoys a daily run and brewing his own beer.

Tom's Session

Tuesday, June 25
11:30 - 12:20 pm
ProofID Masterclass: The Identity Security Maturity Model
Tom Eggleston, ProofID’s CEO discusses how digital identity is at the core of how we do business with most of our transactions taking place online. At the same time, the working environment has become more diffuse, with people and IT systems in multiple locations, often spread over the globe. The concept of being ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ of a trusted network is losing its meaning from a security perspective – it could be said that identity is the new perimeter. The backdrop to this is the constant threat of data breaches – with 80% of breaches traceable to a compromised digital identity. Despite this – many organisations are not taking all necessary steps to secure their digital identities. In this talk, we will explore how organisations need to focus on three core areas of identity management in order to truly be providing a secure identity environment: identity governance, federated authentication and privileged account management. These three technologies work together, and we will explore how failing to focus on any one area compromises the security provided by the others. Finally, we will cover the questions that organisations can ask themselves to assess their own level of identity security maturity, to identify which actions should be prioritised to provide a secure identity environment.

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