Vikas Mahajan

Sr. Director, Information Security Operations; American Red Cross
Vikas Mahajan, CISSP, is Sr. Director, Information Security Operations, for the American Red Cross. With more than two decades of experience, his areas of responsibility include Identity Management, Threat and Vulnerability Protection, PCI compliance and Data Loss Prevention. Prior to joining the Red Cross, he served in Executive and Management positions with LIkeMinds consulting, AARP, and PwC’s security and privacy practice.

Vikas's Session

Tuesday, June 25
3:15 - 3:40 pm
SecureAuth Presents: The American Red Cross Experience Adopting and Deploying Adaptive MFA
As modern-day threats of phishing, social engineering, and data breaches lead to exposure and compromise of credentials, many organizations look to adopt multifactor authentication to protect critical applications, including cloud-based SaaS solutions such as Office 365, Workday and Concur. The American Red Cross, whose mission is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies, realized that usernames and passwords alone were not enough to protect against modern security threats. The organization implemented a risk-based adaptive authentication solution that included a myriad of advanced adaptive techniques including IP address analysis, geo-location data, and device fingerprinting. The adaptive nature of the solution was critical to ensuring extra authentication steps were requested only when risk thresholds were reached, resulting in minimal impact to users. With a diverse population of employees and volunteers, the team worked with senior leadership to understand the major risks to the organization, identify critical applications, and gather support to champion the project. An ongoing communications campaign to users and a phased enrollment period followed. Once enrollment hit a critical mass, adaptive authentication was enabled. As a result of these best practices, the team ensured enrollment and deployment success with minimal impact to critical business operations.

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